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Dexmo captures full range of your hand motion and provides force feedback.
With it you can feel the size, shape and stiffness of virtual objects.

Wireless Motion Capture

Compare to other force feedback devices, Dexmo is very light. It can run on battery power and work wirelessly for a relatively long time. Dexmo captures 11 DoF of users' hand motion. The mechanical linkage nature makes the readings much more robust compared to IMUs.

Variable Stiffness Force Feedback

The force feedback ability allows the user to feel the size and shape of any digital object, which greatly improves immersion. Variable stiffness is achieved by precise motor control. With this feature, each virtual object can have their own stiffness.

Past iterations

In the past two years we have made over 20 iterations of Dexmo and tested numerous force feedback methods.

These valuable experiences helped us build a better human-machine-interaction tool.


Intellectual Property


We have patented our technology in both China and US, and the patent numbers are shown below:
U.S. Patent No. 9,342,151     CN. Patent No. 2014201762440
U.S. Patent No. 15/155,220   CN. Patent No. 2014103463467


We have developed a number of effective and fast algorithms for handling motor control, dynamic grasping, motion capture, data transmission etc. These algorithms ensure maximal user experience and provide plenty of flexibility for customisation for application developers. Namely, the grasping algorithm dynamically computes the grasping gesture in the virtual world and free the developers from these issues.

Development Kit

Our SDK provides easy access to all data and features available on Dexmo. Developers can easily extend their existing applications with force feedback capabilities. For example, you could add in a “stiffness” property to any virtual object and you can touch it with Dexmo. Of course all documentation and tutorials will be available online.


We have published a peer-reviewed research article about Dexmo in the most prestigious and selective publication venue in human-computer interaction, the ACM CHI 2016, called "Dexmo: An inexpensive and lightweight mechanical exoskeleton for motion capture and force feedback in VR.", which introduced a novel method of VR interaction.In Proceedings of the 34th ACM Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI 2016). ACM Press: 1991-1995


What devices are Dexmo compatible with?

Dexmo comes with its own SDK, LibDexmo, which could work in any simulated 3D environment. You can use it with Oculus, HTC Vive, PSVR, Hololens and potentially any other AR/VR/MR solutions.

How is Dexmo different compared to other motion capturing devices?

Motion Capturing (mocap) is relatively easy to do. Dexmo is unique because on top of mocap capability, it provides force feedback ability, which fundamentally distinguishes it from other mocap devices.

Who are the competitors?

Nobody in the market can offer our level of immersive force feedback experience yet. There are companies using vibration motors or electrodes for feedback, but these methods don't stop your hands from going through virtual objects, which greatly reduces immersion.

What is the latency?

Overall latency is between 25 and 50 ms. Most motion capture devices only needs to send the data back to the computer. Since Dexmo both sends and receives information due to its force feedback feature, our latency includes this unavoidable roundtrip time.

How long can the battery last?

Each Dexmo contains 2400mAh batteries and the device can work wirelessly for 4 hours under normal use, and over an hour under intensive use. With larger battery capacities, the operation time can be further increased.

Will Dexmo cause potential harm to users?

Dexmo is safe. The maximum torque output of each finger force feedback module is 3kg.cm(0.3N.m). A human finger can provide an average torque of 7kg.cm(0.7N.m) so there is no way Dexmo cause injury, even in the extremely unlikely event of the device malfunctioning.

If you there is more that you would like to know,
please send your list of questions to questions@dextarobotics.com.
We will get back to you as fast as we can.


Meet the Team

Xiaochi Gu


Passionate Roboticist

Human-Computer Interaction Researcher
Mechanical Engineer, Control Engineer

Studied Mechanical & Control Engineering
@University of Cambridge

Yifei Zhang


Hardcore Coder, Perfectionist

Computer Scientist, Software Architect

Studied Computer Science
@University of California, San Diego

Per Ola Kristensson, PhD

Technical Advisor

Human-Computer Interaction Expert

Computer Scientist
2013 MIT Innovator 35 under 35
2014 ACM UIST Lasting Impact Award

Leads the Intelligent Interactive Systems Group
@University of Cambridge

Yuanzhe Bian

Electrical Engineer

Versatile Engineer, Artist

Electrical Engineer, Web Designer, Photographer

Studied Telecommunication Engineering

Dao Zhou

Software Engineer

Persevering Problem Solver

Computer Scientist, Unity Engineer

Studied Electrical and Information Engineering
@University of Cambridge

Weize Sun

Electrical Engineer

Skilled Circuit Designer, Design Addict

Electrical Engineer

Studied Electrical Engineering
@ Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology

Han Zhang

Software Engineer

Enthusiastic Maker, Researcher

Electrical Engineer, Unity Engineer

Studied Electrical Engineering & Robotics
@Tsinghua University


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Due to intellectual properties protection, our SDK is only accessible for the customers that have purchased the Dexmo DK1.

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